Student Help for Live Webinars

Below are answers to the most common questions or support inquiries for live webinars.  

What is my login info?
You will need to log in to this training site using the email address you provided when you registered for your course(s) and the password provided to you in your webinar access e-mail provided by ESP.  Please check your spam and junk folders for this email.  Once you've logged in for the first time, we encourage you to change your password and set your time-zone by navigating to the "Profile" page.  If you cannot locate the confirmation email, no worries, simply use the "Forgot Password" function below.

Should I set my Profile time zone?
Yes, when you first login, navigate to your "Profile" page and choose YOUR time-zone, then "save".


I forgot my password or I can't locate the confirmation email containing the password, now what?
Please click here if you forgot your password. If the system finds a matching email address, a change password confirmation email will be sent to you. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your junk and spam folders.

How do I access my courses?
From a laptop or PC/MAC that is connected to the internet, go to and login using the email address that you used when you registered for the class and the default password provided to you in your confirmation email (or if you previously accessed one of our online courses, the password that you chose when you changed it from the default). 

Once you are logged in to the training site, you may view only the courses that you purchased directly from ESP Ultrasound.  To quickly access any of the courses that you purchased, click on the  “My Courses" item in the top menu bar.  (You will need to be logged into the system to see your courses.) 


Click on the title of the course and you will redirected to the course page.  On the course page, look for the "Enter..." button located on the right side of the course page on the "Contents" tab.  Depending upon the time you arrive, you may see an "Enter Early" or a "Enter Live Event in Progress" button.  Either one will give you access to the course.  Once you've entered the ZOOM room, you will be able to hear and/or see the Instructors materials. If no "Enter Early" or "Enter Live Event is Progress" button is there, it could mean you are too early. Please check your times. Or you need to refresh your browser. If you don’t know how here is a link that explains how 


What technology is used to deliver courses?  
Courses are delivered online via ZOOM Webinars via an integration with the Training site platform, therefore you will not need to go to the ZOOM website directly. 
The system will redirect you to ZOOM and log you in automatically.
  You will NOT be able to access the courses by logging in to ZOOM directly.  
Please see "How do I access my courses" above.

How do I prepare for the online course?  
For the best experience, please follow the steps below:
   Step 1:  Go to the link below and download the ZOOM plug for your operating system.  It will auto-detect your Operating System (PC or MAC)

   Download ZOOM plugin  Look for the onscreen prompt to execute (click on it) the .exe file.

   Step 2: Test your browser and speakers. Be sure to test the browser from the PC that you will be using while attending
   the online course.  Please take the following browser test:

I am having trouble with streaming audio, I can’t hear the instructor through my computer speakers, the streaming stopped… what do I do?
Audio (sound) is projected through your computer speakers. Be sure your computer is equipped with speakers.
If you are not able to hear any audio through your computer speakers first check to make sure your speakers are not muted or turned off.  
The next step is to refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking the “refresh” button in your web browser.  You may need to log in again.
If all the above does not work, reboot your PC or MAC, log in to the training site again and access the course via the "My Courses" menu item.
If you continue to have technical issues send an email to

The slides are not loading; I can’t see the slides, other technical issues!
Please review the following System Requirements, be sure your system and networks are up to date and you are connected to the internet.

Can I use an iPad or smart phone to access the course?
Yes, however you will need to download the ZOOM plugin for whatever OS your device uses, then login to the Training Site per instructions above.  For the best experience, be sure you have a strong connection to your wireless provider. (Features are limited using the mobile version.)

Minimum System Requirements:
2.0Ghz Processor or faster 2 GB RAM (Greater than 2 GB recommended) Minimum Browser Requirements:  
Browser must support HTML-5. To detect your browser version, run  
Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Chrome 60 or greater Firefox 52 or greater Edge 14  or greater Safari 10 or greater iOS 10 or greater. DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER 11, it is too old. 

If attending from within a networked environment (your company's office) - please be sure the following ports are open (check with your IT Department):
Addresses and Ports to Allow for HTML5: port 80, 443 (web and audio) port 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio)

Other System Recommendations:  Make sure you have pop-up blockers disabled in your Internet browser settings. Make sure that your internet browser is Active X enabled.

Can I attend this course on a shared WiFi connection such as the airport or from Starbucks?  
Shared Wifi is not recommended. If you do attend using a shared WiFi connection, remember, the signal strength can vary causing bandwidth to increase or decrease which may affect the quality of the course. Wired connections (cable, Fios, etc) gives a consistent signal and consistent bandwidth. A private WiFi or a wired connection will provide a better experience.

While viewing a course, the Instructor freezes or I can't see the video, what do I do?
This condition is related to the varying speed of your internet connection.  If others are sharing your internet connection, watching Netflix, gaming, etc, ask them to stop during your class.  This will provide you with all of the available bandwidth.  Or, if you have access to a separate connection, move to that location and re-login. 

I cannot see the video, but I can hear the audio playing, what do I do?
This too is a condition related to the varying speed of your internet connection.  See above for recommendations.

Are the classes being recorded?

No, they are not being recorded. 

How do I get my credit or CME?

ESP tracks webinar attendance through our server logs. After the webinar, these logs are reconciled and hourly attendance is sent to the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS). CME certificates are e-mailed by the SDMS directly to the attendees within 1 - 3 weeks after the webinar. It it not uncommon for these e-mails to end up in your junk or spam folder so please check there periodically. If you do not receive your CME certificate 3 weeks after the webinar, please e-mail to inquire about the delay.

Who do I contact if my question is not addressed above?

Please e-mail for additional questions.